Child Minding



If you intend to use the free childcare during the NAVY Run, you MUST PRE-REGISTER your child(ren).  There will be NO registration on the day of the race so do not come to the race expecting to use the childcare if you have not already registered your child(ren).  This is because we must ensure the legal adult/child ratio in the childcare area.  Please note as well that childcare is ONLY available to children age 2 and over.

To register Click here.

If the link does not work, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Select Courses
  3. Select Family/All Ages
  4. Select General
  5. Scroll down to Navy Run Childcare
  6. Select Register Now
  7. Log In
  8. Select Participants
  9. Confirm and choose Next
  10. Review Purchase and choose Finish
  11. Scroll to Documents – Participant Information – please complete prior to Navy Run and either email to recreationcpac@forces.gc.caor bring with you to the event

Note additional paperwork will be sent out 2 weeks prior to the event for you to fill out.

Here are some additional childcare policies to review PRIOR to arriving at the NAVY run:

  • Childcare is limited to children age 2 and over;
  • Childcare opens at 8:30 am and closes promptly at 1030 am.  You must collect your child(ren) PRIOR to 1030 am.
  • You must sign your child(ren) into the secure area.
  • There are no IN and OUT privileges in the childcare area.  When you remove your child(ren), you may not put them back into childcare.
  • Only PRE registered children and staff are permitted in the secure area.  No adults (including parents) or non-registered children are permitted.
  • Please provide water and a snack for your child(ren).  Snacks will not be provided.
  • If your child(ren) are still in diapers, you must change your child prior to admitting them to the childcare area.  There will be no diaper changes in the childcare area.
  • Children are expected to behave appropriately in the childcare area and follow all rules.


Please note there will be a children’s play area at the event that is NOT SUPERVISED.  This is separate from the childcare area.
Parents are expected to supervise their own children at the unsupervised play area.

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