What are my options for this year’s race?

We recognize that a virtual run wasn’t quite what you signed up for so we have some great options for you:
1. Stay registered and participate in this year’s virtual race. You will still receive your technical race shirt that will be available for pickup when it is deemed appropriate.
2. Get the commemorative Battle of the Atlantic race shirt without participating in the virtual run (no refund option).
3. Move your registration to the 2021 Navy Run taking place on 19 June 2021 at no extra cost. You will not get 2020 Race Shirt.
4. Receive a full refund less the $5.25 processing and refund fees. Note that by choosing this option, you will not receive your technical t-shirt or race package.

When does online registration close?

Online registration will close June 21, 2020.

How do I get my shirt/Race Package?

Once we have received the shirts we will send out communication on how we will be organizing contactless pick-ups. We want to ensure that we keep you and our staff safe during this process. If you are from out of town we will make arrangements directly with you to get you your 2020 Race Shirt/Package.

Can I switch my shirt if it doesn’t fit?

Unfortunately all the shirts we have ordered have been assigned to a person and due to the limited availability, we are unable to switch shirts at this time.

Is there a time frame for the race?

The best part of the race being Virtual is you can take as much or as little time as you need for the race. All that is required is that you complete your run between June 13 - 21. Please make sure to post a picture of your virtual run so we can see you in all your glory.

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