Family Fitness

Active moms and dads make a significant impact on society – and when parents are active, communities are stronger. Sport at its best unites communities, encourages active citizenship and strengthens a sense of belonging.

Here are some ways parents who are active improve the lives of those around them:

Role model. Most adults know that regular exercise and physical activity are the best way to keep their bodies healthy over the long-term. A recent Statistics Canada report, showed that when young girls see their mothers make fitness a priority, they tend to have a better sense of self and mimic active lifestyle habits from a young age. Children’s sport participation rate is higher (71 per cent) than that of children whose mothers do not.

Make healthier eating choices. Active parents tend to view food as the fuel that will take them further in sport and life. Starting with healthy active lifestyle choices at an early age can help ensure kids learn good, long-lasting habits. Research shows girls active in sports during adolescence and young adulthood are 20 per cent less likely to get breast cancer later in life.

A sense of belonging. Parents who participate in sports tend to be more social and part of their community. Sports participation is an asset to family dynamics, fostering communication and trust between parents and children. Being part of a team sports activity also helps nurture interaction, boost communication skills and build confidence.

Parents can foster their own interest and help their children find sports content and activities happening in local communities across Canada by tapping into online hubs like

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